Practice Areas

Fashion Law

After accumulating very many years of specific experience in the fashion sector, our firm is able to provide legal support when addressing the thorny issues typical of prèt à porter and ready-to-wear fashion. Our targeted advice covers such areas as licensing contracts, styling consultancy contracts, design protection and authorship rights, trade secrets, the protection of industrial know-how, sponsorship contracts and co-branding.
Our firm is well aware of all the specifics and the incisive implications arising from the seasonality of the sector. Over the years, we have devised targeted solutions designed to prevent certain critical issues not covered by standard contract clauses.

Trademarks, Patents, Design protection, Copyright, IT Information Technology and Unfair Competition

Our firm is specialised in the protection of industrial-intellectual property, therefore covering trademarks, patents, inventions, ornamental models and industrial designs, as well as vegetable varieties and software, with expertise that extends to counterfeiting and unfair competition.
The firm can assist with both domestic and international disputes, drawing on support from a time-proven network of colleagues around the world.
With specific reference to the criminal sector, our professionals work regularly on counterfeiting cases, making their extensive inter-disciplinary expertise available to clients.
Additionally, our firm works closely with external experts when advising clients on filings for the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as on the preliminary investigation of patentability. The firm also assists clients with the protection of domain names at national and international level.

Agency Contracts

The firm has worked for many years in the agency/representation sector, both in Italy and internationally, with a specific focus on the fashion industry. We have assisted the agents of Italian fashion houses on many occasions, not least with the recovery of their termination indemnities.
Our professionals have also advised on numerous disputes arising from claims made by the agents' pensions agency (ENASARCO).

Distribution contracts, Franchising and Merchandising contracts, Competition Law

The firm has many years of experience in assisting Italian and international clients, both in and out of court, with such areas as distribution contracts, the transfer of know-how, merchandising and franchising, and contract manufacturing.
We have developed special expertise in the preparation of standard contracts that comply with the principles of EU competition law, with specific reference to Community exhaustion, pricing clauses, horizontal and vertical restrictions, and exclusivity clauses.


The patent of an invention represents the innovation and reasearch goal of a firm.
Our mission is to understand deeply our client’s idea whatever the technical field and his business strategy need. This is where we start to formulate the best customised protection strategy in order to determine its exclusive rights.
We offer an accurate and customised service of drawing up, filing and prosecution of Italian, European and International Patent Applications (PCT) in Italy and abroad.
We carry out Patent searches, per name and per subject in order to determine the art and patent status in the various techological fields, in order to help our clients to evaluate the originality of the subject as well as to monitor the development of the competitors’ patent activities and the controversy resolution.

Trade Marks

The business distinctive features are the most valuable goods of a company.
A right investment strategy on these goods means to search the availability of the Trade mark selected, its registration and the control on the possibility that third parties assume its own rights.
Our job is to guarantee all the above mentioned aims troughout searches, the filing of Trade mark applications and the Trade mark watch service.
We can assist all along the proceedings to obtain the Trade mark Registration.

Designs and Models

Even an object form, or one of its details, as well as a drawing can be registrated.
In order to determine the value of the design is basic to identify the design to protect, to choose the right protection in order to determine its geographic extension. Our job is to guarantee all the above mentioned aims.

Licensing and Technology transfer

Not only controversies are the main results in a Trade mark life. Actually, if a brand or a product is a valuable one it is of great business interest, so it can be object of licensing and transferring between companies. There are not standard cases, each one has its peculiarities, therefore, a precise and accurate strategy to pursue. We can assist our clients in the drawing up of agreements that can protect them and their business in the respect of the Italian, European and International Law.


Intellectual Property protects not only technical inventions but also works of creative character. We can assist our clients on Copyright matters, choosing it as a strategy, in connection or as an alternative to other Protection rights, after a careful study of the works themselves as well as their specific needs.


Since decades advertising has been the main spread notoriety vehicle of a business Trade mark. The right advertising campaign (slogan, payoff) can be bad interpretated by a firm, therefore it is decisive to determine what can be used or not. We can assist our clients in the careful analysis of the right advertising campaign.

Domains Names

What can you do when someone registers your Trade mark as his Domain Name?
There are some national and international proceedings for the recovery of a Domain Name, allowing a Trademark owner to obtain the transferring of a Domain Name Right illegally registered by others. The so called MAP (Mandatory Administrative Proceedings) is available for the Domains Names .it and .eu and even for the most part of Domains Names with generic extensions (e.g. .com, .moda, .toys ). The MAP Proceedings requires very lower times and costs than Law Proceedings even if they are not precluded from the MAP recourse.

Denominations of Origin

Italy is the highest registered Denominations of Origin Country, as far as PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) are concerned. The Italian agroindustrial heritage is so unique that it has to be legally protected. We can assist our clients in all the the filing of PDO, PGI and TSG application and in the registration protection in counterfeiting cases.


When necessary the Intellectual Property rights have to be protected so that to highly increase their value.
The best interpreters of your rights are those professionals who reliably supported you in the birth of them. Intellectual Property is a branch of Law that needs specialized and constantly updated knowledge. Thanks to the cooperation with a national and international network of foreign intellectual property rights counsel, we can assist our clients throughout the whole Litigation Proceedings.

Customs Watch

It is not easy or suitable to damage counterfeiters in their Country, but there are National and also European customs watch applications that once detected infringed products can block the import or export of them. We can assist in all the proceedings at the Customs.


The invenction activity requires starting financial resources as the economic exploitation begins after various months or years.
For this reason there are National and European tender notices that allow to obtain financial resources for the research, the innovation, the commerce and the registration of patents, designs and trademarks.
Our twenty-year-experienced professionals in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property can assist the clients in all the proceedings to obtain the most appropriate tender starting from the arrangement of all the documents, of the business plan, of the filing of the application, monitoring it, until the funding collection.